On Tuesday 14th of June we held a Step Up and Grow event that helped entrepreneurs do just that and most importantly, reignite that passion and know how to brand their business.

We had pitches from Logic to Create, Hughy Bee , The Kings Room London, Tastee Diamond Cakes &  Educational Vibes. Look forward to hearing more about your success!

(Missed it? Not to worry keep up to date with all our events to help your business here)


We thought we’d share some of the night’s highlights and top tips from our fun, engaging, thought provoking speaker Kathy Ennis and the messages from attendees which lit up Twitter and Facebook after the event!


Here are some of Kathy’s Branding Tips

  • All interaction must reflect your #brand identity evenly
  • Do what you do best and outsource the rest
  • When you are networking think about outcomes, not outputs
  • Develop a set of clearly defined, and tested, core value
  • Create a compelling key message statement
  • Be able to say, with certainty, what makes you different from your competitors
  • Know, in detail, your target market
  • Have an action plan that you actually use!
  • Know the colours, styles, shapes and fonts that work best for your business

The 4 V’s Principle

  • Value
  • Vision
  • Vocals
  • Verbally

Here are some of the tweets

Red VelvetDelorte 2Delorte

Thank you for your support Kathy Ennis, a special thanks to Charmaine Morgan from Tastee Diamond Cakes for the delicious Red Velvet Surprise and the B Consultancy Team, Carole, Michael and our intern Bilel!

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