Janice Beckles recently ran a workshop supporting over thirty Ravensbourne students prepare to exhibit their businesses at the #MarketPlace event 15th March 2017.

Here are some of the #toptips from the session.

Build your credibility

  • Stories, testimonials the best tool for building creditability
  • LinkedIn is a useful site to get testimonials.
    • Display these on your blogs, social outlets and websites.
  • These provide potential customers a proof of your credibility

Integrity, honesty trust

  • Build and develop relationships
  • People buy People, not necessarily the business name
  • Be sincere the aim, offer value
  • People can spot a harbour shark or card hoarder
  • Book a meeting from a meeting, networking event
  • Book an appointment to call
  • Don’t pitch offer something of value

Plan your approach

Define your purpose for making contact.

For example, your objectives may be to:

  • Find out more specific information about your prospect’s needs and wants
  • Build rapport
  • Only offer information if relevant/necessary
  • Tailor your message

#exhibiting hacks


“Janice was well prepared, the session aimed at engaging and encouraging the students to interact and network in small groups to practice the pitch for their ideas. Some useful and important tips were given, also the students had the opportunity to communicate with Incubation companies. For the students and Incubation company going to showcase their ideas for the first time the (Exhibiting Hacks – 7 ways to show your talent and stand out of the crowd) session was well presented, a very informative and beneficial training. “

Sunita Bhuwanee – Business Manager Ravensbourne Incubation Unit

If you are free today pop down to the iconic building and gain ideas for fresh input for your business. Ravensbourne is located in North Greenwich, just next to the O2. Click the Link to book http://bit.ly/BCRave

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