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#ManCrushMonday Clime-it Brother’s Mo

This week our #mancrushmonday is a truly inspirational story of self discovery and success from social enterpriseClime-it Brothers founder, Mo. (Mubarak Mohamud) 

#mcm Mo - Clime-it Brothers

#mcm Mo – Clime-it Brothers

We caught up with Mo at his Camden store to chat about his journey. Watch our video with Mo below


Why Mo:

Mo was born in Nairobi, Kenya and moved to Camden London at a young age. A trouble maker at school, Mo got excluded and fell into a bad crowd selling drugs at the ripe age of 14. He explains that that chapter of his life felt like he ‘was wearing a mask‘ that never really fit.

At the age of 21, with a criminal record and little to no job prospects, Mo wanted to reshape his future and take it into his own hands. The entrepreneur mind-set kicked in, but escaping the world of drugs was hard and he knew he needed a strong idea, a motivator and a band of brothers to help others in the process.

In 2013 Clime-it Brothers was born and Mo was a changed man and now through his big heart and company, has shaped the lives of many young people.

Who are Clime-it Brothers? 

Clime-it Brothers Mo and his Eco Warriors

Clime-it Brothers Mo and his Eco Warriors

Clime-it Brothers are a clothing company and fashion brand with a heart, who give back to better youth culture. Their unique designs are drawn by specialised artists and are all based around raising awareness to climate change and helping the environment.

This is something Mo feels very strongly about and felt this message was lost in today’s youth culture, so through his urban clothing, has made it a message hard to ignore and a trend.

The giving nature ane strong morality behind this company doesn’t stop there! Not only does the clothing help the environment but the 2 shops are run by Mo himself and young people that he has trained and helped get away from the evils of the streets. Kids that were going down the wrong path that need a guiding hand and a purpose, Clime-it Brothers is that purpose and Mo has built a community of Eco Warriors whose lives have changed thanks to his vision and drive.

Where can you find Clime-it Brothers? 

The social enterprise are online but Mo encourages face to face sales to help the guys practice customer service skills. They are based in Collective in Camden Market and a recent opened shop in Kentish Town a great space for start ups and you will find Clime-it Brothers and his team in a lovely spot at the back. Go and say hi and give back when you purchase! (30% of all profits goes back into helping the youth community and so much more!)

Collective- Clime-it Brithers- Camden

Collective- Clime-it Brithers- Camden

How can you buying one tee help a young person change their life? 

Clime-it Brothers and Mo have a new campaign called the currency exchange where you aren’t buying a t-shirt, you are buying time. With each purchase an hour of Mo’s and other professionals time is volunteered to running a workshop for the workers and young people Clime-it Brothers helps, training them in all areas. You can read more about it in The Guardian and Vice.

True Success

Clime-it Brothers has been making a difference of over 60 people lives and will continue to it to do so. Show them and Mo your support and pop in and say hi and see how you can help!

What’s next for the brand?

They will be appearing at festivals, have a new exclusive range launching soon and now have 2 spaces where they run the pop up shops.

Mo insists there’s still a journey to go but we think he should be immensely proud of his journey so far.

We love you Mo and this is why you are our #mancrushmonday 

Written By: Charly Phillips 

Ink Explosion Blogs for all your content writing and social media  needs; inkexplosionblogs@gmail.com

Charly Philips - Director & Creative - Ink Explosion

Charly Philips – Director & Creative – Ink Explosion

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