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Start Up and Grow Your Business With Claudine Reid

By April 13, 2016 No Comments

Starting a business is tough, but nurturing it and keeping it going is tougher.

Here’s how to keep up the fight…

But what if you’ve just lost passion for your business? What if it’s all has just become a bit much?

Well there really is no need to panic when you have B Consultancy on your side!

On Wednesday 6th of April we held a Step Up and Grow event that helped entrepreneurs do just that and most importantly, reignite that passion for their business.

(Missed it? Not to worry keep up to date with all our events to help your business here )

We thought we’d share some of the night’s highlights and top tips from our business celebrity speaker; one of Britain’s top 100 Entrepreneurs, Director of PJ’s Community Service and MBE receiver, Claudine Reid

Claudine Reid (left) and Janice Beckles (right)

Here at B Consultancy we are all about sharing and teaching what you preach, so here’s some highlights from the night and some words of wisdom from Claudine herself and top tips from us on how to stay on top of your growing your business!

Claudine’s advice taken from her 7 pillars of business:

Its important in business to know why you’re doing it. What are you getting out of it? (No that’s not selfish, remembering why you’re here should be a motivator!)

So what motivates you?

As a mother, Claudine puts her family first but has only been able to do so through hard work.

Claudine asked, what does working your own hours and success mean to you?

Besides motivation, one of the other key factors when igniting passion into your business, is to remember your visions, your values and your business’s culture. What’s your business culture? 

One of the biggest top tips Claudine teaches and here at B consultancy we preach, is to keep learning! #learnhelpgrow

At the end of the night, Janice reminds us that it’s ok to be off your game sometimes, that’s when having influential people around you and business idols are key to help you keep focused on your self and your business.

Here’s how Claudine was crucial to B Consultancy and to Janice herself…

As well as teaching valuable skills and giving tips to help your business B Consultancy events are fun!

They are a great way to meet like minded business owners and are a great networking opportunity!

B Consultancy events- A platform to network and share ideas

Who knows, maybe you will find your next business partner or mentor at our next one?

Get to know other business owners!

Whether you’re a kick starter, or you’re a business mogul, it’s important to keep events like these on your agenda and to keep building on your goals, relationships and your business.

Liked the sound of Step Up and Grow?

Want to catch the next one and develop your business further with B Consultancy?

Why not contact Janice, here, to find out when and where the next event that will make a difference to you is…. 

Find the next B Consultancy event to help your business

We Look forward to seeing you and your business at the next one! 


Written by: Charly Phillips 

Charly Philips – Director & Creative – Ink Explosion

Charly is a degree educated, published, freelance writer, (author, poet, screen writer and music journalist for Bring The Noise UK) and all round female boss herself. Her company, Ink Explosion, specialises in helping you add value to your social media, develop your online content and assists in all creative and media needs. Contact her here


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