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Summer School- Best Bits!

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Summer School - B Consultancy

Summer School – B Consultancy

#Tbt to our Summer School event last week.

We had a great time, meeting new businesses and were spoilt with not 1, but 5 speakers!

Each a specialist in a different field and expert in a certain area, giving a variety of advice for start ups.

Are you a start up and missed it? Luckily we’ve pulled together all the best bits so no one truly misses out!

For those of you that don’t know us or about our events, here’s Janice to make it clearer and explain how we can help you…

The day started out with 3 taster sessions. Each 20 minute talks from 3 amazing business gurus, specialists in their field.

Here are some snippets for you to sample…

Wendy Foster - CBL

Wendy Foster – CBL

To start off, we had Wendy Foster from CBL, on Market Research Resources.

Wendy’s Top Tips on Market Research:

  • Use the free resources at the CBL Library! (A library card is free!) 
  • There are more in depth programmes that you can pay for to extend your search and specify it to your company. 
  • Market Research can help you investigate the market of your business. 
  • It’s a tool not to be ignored! Want to know more contact the library here
Anwaar Sheikh Salam- Marketing & Sales

Anwaar Sheikh Salam- Marketing & Sales

Next we we had Marketing and Sales advice from Marketing guru,  Anwaar Sheikh Salam, an essential topic when starting up a business! 

Anwaar’s Top Marketing Tips:

  • Get to know your customer. 
  • Find a marketing strategy that works for your target market. 
  • Find a unique selling technique, specified at your target demographic. 
  • Use social media and other tools to your advantage. 
Janice Beckles- B Consultancy CEO- Funding and Customer profiling

Janice Beckles- B Consultancy CEO- Funding and Customer profiling

The final mini- session was with our very own CEO, Janice Beckles, consultancy expert, to give us advice on funding and customer profiling. 

Janice’s Top Tips on Customer Profiling:

  • Put yourself in the customer’s shoes.
  • Dress for your brand. 
  • Get to know your customers. 
  • Be confident and knowledgeable when dealing with customers. 
  • Do your research. 

Following the exciting announcement that we are now affiliated with Start Up Loans, Janice offered some tips about funding. 

Need some funding or advice? Get in touch with us!

Keep an eye out on our social media for our funding events coming up in September.

Giving finacial and one on one business advice throughout the day was Business Consultant for Natwest, Nick Howe

Nick Howe- Natwest

Nick Howe- Natwest

The main evening event was the lovely Kathy Ennis.

Kathy Ennis - Your Brand Is You

Kathy Ennis – Your Brand Is You

Final speaker of the night, Kathy Ennis, CEO of Your Brand Is You taught us all about Email Marketing. 

Kathy’s Top Tips On Email Marketing:

  • Identify the correct marketing source for you. 
  • Make a list of useful contacts.
  • Use social media effectively- but don’t expect it solve all of your problems. 
  • Use email marketing  for a quick and effective turn around.
  • Use email marketing to get to know your demographic.  

Networking is essential for all businesses, no matter what stage, but vital for start ups. Our events give you a great oppurtunity to meet like minded entrepeneurs and potential business connections. 



We thought the day went amazingly! But don’t take our word for it!

See what our #wcw Erica Ogundare, CEO of Kushty Cosmetics had to say about how it helped her and her business…

Do you want to attend the next #StepUpandGrow event?

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Or simply get some advice on how to access funding, via B Consultancy and in association with Step Up Loans?

Find the next B Consultancy event to help your business

Find the next B Consultancy event to help your business

Get in contact and keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for details of our next September event!

Written by: Charly Phillips (Ink Explosion)

Charly Philips - Director & Creative - Ink Explosion

Charly Philips – Director & Creative – Ink Explosion

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