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Top Tip Tuesday – Security

Today is Top Tip Tuesday!

This week is all about Security.


Security is important and keeps yourself and your company safe from hackers, sneaky competitors or any bugs that might be lurking to attack your computer system.

Follow Janice’s top tips to keep you safe from virtual nasties!

Janice Beckles - B Consultancy

  1. Strengthen passwords, ideally 21 characters with a mixture of symbols replacing letters. If you know another language mix up your password and include these.
  2. Keep your security software updated – we know this can be a total pain when you need to do work but let the updates happen!
  3. Protect your website – use plugins that offer an extra layer of security.
  4. Make use of the cloud (or other built in storage) to store documents safely – make use of NAS (network attached storage).
  5. Back up your files, your phone, calender and im‎ages.
  6. Finally schedule time to update your security – make it a weekly recurring function.

If you follow these your journey into the virtual world will be a safe and happy one!

Happy Top Tip Tuesday, from B Consultancy! 

Written by: Charly Phillips (Ink Explosion)

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