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#WCW Who Is Our Chosen Female Boss This Wednesday?…

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The woman we are professionally crushing on this Wednesday our official and first #WCW is ….. Mavis Amankwah. 

Mavis Amankwah #wcw

Mavis Amankwah #wcw

Having inspirations in business is essential and having strong females in your personal life and in business should be something that inspires you!

Why have we selected this lovely lady to be our #womanspiration this sunny Wednesday? 

We asked Janice the reasons behind her pick; here’s what she said. (If 1 reason isn’t enough have 8!)…

Janice Beckles and Mavis Amankwah

Janice Beckles and Mavis Amankwah

  1.  Mavis is lady who is going places and taking people with her.
  2. She is my inspiration, she encourages business owners to step out of their comfort zone.
  3. She has overcome adversity and won many awards for her work in business and enterprise.
  4. She is humble yet powerful.
  5. She takes the time to contact me and encourage me. She is a coach, mentor and someone I can share confidential challenges with.
  6. During a time when business was challenging, Mavis was able to vouch for me regarding my expertise which helped me secure a contract and keep my associates and staff members in place.
  7. We are part of the Women Like Me Elite a group of ladies who are serious about business and like to have fun. In addition to the BE Mogul awards.
  8. Mavis has encouraged me to raise my profile and share information about the work I do in Enterprise.


Mavis Amankwah-celebrating international women's day #wcw

Mavis Amankwah-celebrating international women’s day #wcw

Who’s is Mavis Amankwah?

For those that don’t know here’s a little bit about the lovely lady and her business empire… 

Mavis is…

  • An award winning entrepenur, specialising in Marketing, PR, Diversity, Communications and Business sustainability.
  • Founder of Rich Visions Diversity Communications – her amazing company that closes the gap in the market for hard to reach audiences to gain help with their business.
  • The company celebrates it’s 15th birthday this year! 
  • She’s one ambitious female boss and expanded in 2009 to build Rich Visions Small Business (RVSB) to help even more people with marketing, revenue and regrowth ! (500+ enterprises to be exact!)
  • If that’s not enough she’s also an award winning public speaker, author and mentor. 
  • A member, with Janice of Women Like Me Elite see video below of what they get up to..

You go girl! 

Enjoyed our #wcw ?

Feel like you should be next weeks? (Good!)

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Written by: Charly Phillips

Charly Philips - Director & Creative - Ink Explosion

Charly Philips – Director & Creative – Ink Explosion

 Charly is a degree educated, published, freelance writer, (author, poet, screen writer and music journalist for Bring The Noise UK) and all round female boss herself. Her company, Ink Explosion, specialises in helping you add value to your social media, develop your online content and assists in all creative and media needs. Contact her here.


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