Janice Beckles

Mentor, Coach & NLP Trainer (FIOEE)

Janice Beckles is a multi-faceted business consultant from Kent with a mission to help people live after redundancy, and empower people to live fulfilling and purposeful lives through personal development. Personal development is an important part of business, because you cannot change your outer world without first changing and addressing your inner dimension.

Janice started her business in May 2004 after a series of workplace redundancies. The first redundancy shook her, but she got straight back up and found another suitable job. After the second redundancy, Janice decided that it was her destiny to be a business owner, so she set up her own consultancy business, B Consultancy Ltd.

Janice Beckles

Principal Consultant
Fellow Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs

Formerly registered and accredited Government Growth Voucher adviser, specialism Leadership and Management

Janice has a great deal of commercial experience, and has set up and run many worthwhile projects under the B Consultancy Ltd umbrella. One of which includes a programme called Getting Started, which helps people who have been unemployed for a while to start their own businesses. The programme gives them the tools required to start their own business alongside essential training to help them transition in their mind-set from unemployed to being a boss. There is a lot of mental adjustment required, and Janice is able to draw on some of her own experience. After she became redundant, Janice joined a programme for female entrepreneurs which helped them to start their own business. This became the catalyst to starting her own business, and gave her the skills and drive necessary to continue down that path. In addition to one-to-one services, Janice undertakes a lot of essential training and consultancy with local authorities. This work includes supporting self-employed individuals, and providing vital training to front line staff on how to manage people, and give them the advice that they need, with a caring and compassionate attitude so that people are not left feeling undervalued. The training that Janice delivers is accredited, so there is a methodological framework that she follows and many business owners that Janice works with want a total change of direction, and Janice coaches them through this practically.

Janice currently runs a number of business events with an edge of class to make people feel valued and supported, no matter what stage in their business they are. The events have attracted many successful entrepreneurs and speakers. Janice has many plans for growth and expansion in 2021 and beyond. She aims to open a business incubator, with a difference, where start ups can receive business support over afternoon tea. She also aims to provide affordable workspace so that business owners do not need to work in isolation.

There is life after redundancy and other seemingly negative situations, and Janice is a living example that anything is achievable when you have the drive and determination to turn things around and create your own destiny.

Janice can help your business with

Business Courses & Events | Training & Mentoring | NLP for Business | Business Advice & Consultancy

  • Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs –Fellow (FIoEE)
  • SFEDI Assessor and Business Advisor
  • SFEDI Get Mentoring Trainer
  • Accredited Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Post Compulsory Education
  • Chartered Institute of Management Level 5
  • A1 Assessor Award
  • Scholarship to Babson College, Boston USA European Entrepreneurs Programme
  • Institute of Direct Marketing Postgraduate Diploma
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Institute of Business Advisors Marketing for Business Advisors, Finance for Business Advisors, Foundation Counselling for Business Advisors and Developing Counselling Skills


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