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#WCW Is Back! What Female Boss Are We Business Crushing On This Week?

By April 27, 2016 2 Comments

Our #wcw choice this week, and for very good reason, is the fabulous Sophia Bailey!

Sophia Bailey #wcw - Positive People with Skills Network Founder

Sophia Bailey #wcw

If you don’t know who this true female boss is or why we might have chosen her, have a little read below…

Who is Sophia Bailey? 

Sophia is someone who feels as inspired by motivational women as we do.

Her main inspiration is her mother, who she learnt the value of hard work from at a young age. With determination and drive deep rooted, success for Sophia was an inevitable goal.

Her Story: 

Sophia started in humble beginnings, as a teen mum living in a council estate. She wanted more and she got it. 

She self-trained as an accountant and worked in the industry for a decade before sadly and abruptly being made redundant.

Driven by a fear of losing what she had built for her family, she took this motivation and dreamed bigger. 

Here’s what she accomplished and why we are so inspired by her as a person and as a business woman:

  • Founded PPSM (Positive People with Skills Network) – A company and group with a goal to educate, empower and create leadership in a successful network of like minded people.
  • She is also a Wealth Coach, since 2007, leading and training companies and has been responsible for helping millionaires strategise in business.  
  • She was headhunted by Voice Newspaper where she found her voice and love for writing.
  • Author of her own column, WOW (Words Of Wisdom) based on her life experiences.
  • Built a £1 mil empire. 

With a strong will and hard work, Sophia Bailey is now where she wanted to be in life and a great success.

She is a motivational speaker, mentor, strategist, author and mother. Who says you can’t have it all!

Janice Beckles (BConsultancy) and #wcw Sophia Bailey

Janice Beckles (BConsultancy) and #wcw Sophia Bailey

Most importantly, and the main reason we chose her this week is that,  Sophia is a reminder that if you put your mind to your goal and add passion you can succeed. (Who run the world?…)

Want to see more from Sophia? Here is our favourite video of hers…

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Written by: Charly Phillips

Charly Philips - Director & Creative - Ink Explosion

Charly Philips – Director & Creative – Ink Explosion

Charly is a degree educated, published, freelance writer, (author, poet, screen writer and music journalist for Bring The Noise UK) and all round female boss herself. Her company, Ink Explosion, specialises in helping you add value to your social media, develop your online content and assists in all creative and media needs. Contact her here.



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